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We were very fortunate to become the recipients of the 2008 Higher Education HP Grant Initiative. As part of the Project we have created a Mobile HP Computer Lab that allows us to introduce tablet PC technology into our undergraduate physics curriculum.

The goal of the HP Mobile Science Lab Study is to explore effective ways of using tablet technology in undergraduate physics curriculum through the design of appropriate activities and evaluation of their impact on student learning and attitudes toward science. More about the Project can be found on the Special Poster.

In the Fall of 2008 the HP tablets were used in a second year Modern Physics Course in a Medical Physics program, PCS300 (N=25 students). During the Winter of 2009, the Mobile HP Tablet Lab were used in the third year Electricity and Magnetism Course, PCS228 (N=40 students). Thanks to the HP tablet technology, the students were able to use computer simulations during interactive studio-like lessons, explore abstract physics concepts and share their ideas with classmates and the instructors. Continuous use of tablets during class emphasized conceptual learning rather than route memorization, as the students were able to provide the instructor with continuous feedback using an InkSurvey and learned how to be active learners in a physics class via using a Classroom Presenter software.

The results of the first year implementation of tablet technology in undergraduate physics courses have been reported at the Ryerson Teaching Conference (May 11-12, 2009) and the Canadian Association of Physicists Annual Congress in Moncton, New Brunswick on June 7-11, 2009.


Future Plans: In the Summer of 2009 we will finish analyzing the results form 2008-2009 school year. In the Fall of 2009 we are planning to expand the use of Tablets to our large first year courses: Physics for Sciences PCS120 and Physics for Architecture Students PCS107. In these courses the tablets will be used during tutorials and small group activities. In addition the tablets will continue to be used in PCS300 and PCS228 courses piloted in 2008-2009 school year.

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